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  • New album "Stereotomic" featuring Bernt Moen, Egil Kalman and Ole Mofjell will be out Marc 17th..
  • New album with Tronosonic Experience coming out this Spring 2017.
  • New album with Tone Scott Dahl Pedersen 2017.
  • New album featuring Ben Wendel, Taylor Eigsti, Joe Martin and Justin Faulkner will be out Summer/Fall 2017.



20.03 Kick Scene - Jam session

27.03 Hos Naboen - Jazz Jam

10.04 Hos Naboen - RELEASE CONCERT - Stereotomic - Moen/Kalman/Mofjell/Nypan

25.04 Nypan Trio Tour, @Kulturklubben Scene, Tvedestrand

26.04 Nypan Trio Tour @Arendal Jazzklubb

27.04 Nypan Trio Tour @Bø Jazzklubb

28.09 Nypan Trio Tour @ Risør Jazzklubb

29.04 Nypan Trio Tour @Kristiansand Jazzvesen

30.04 Nypan Trio Tour Flekkefjord Jazzklubb

September 2017 - China

Directions (Nypan Music 2015)

Daniel Formo - organ

Truls Rønning - drums



Republique (Losen Records 2012)

Rick Margitza - saxophone

Leonardo Montana - piano

Gael Petrina - bass

Simone Prattico - drums

Elements (Ponca Records 2010)

Petter Wettre - saxophone

Bernt Moen - piano

Ole Kelly Kvamme - bass

Klaus Blomvik - drums

Pierre Boussaguet - bass

Erik Kimestad Pedersen - trumpet

Håvard Kittilsen - trombone




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